Transformers are the electrical machines which require periodical maintenance. In addition to the characteristics of transformers, the heaviness off operating conditions, hardness of installation and dismantle process brought the compulsion to perform its maintenance on its operation site.

For this purpose; ELKIMA TRANSFORMER has put its Mobile Service Vehicle into service, which can take all opportunities to the site where the transformer operates, as an after - sales service.

In all of our service and maintenance activities, in oil exchange process of your transformers, best brand marks of the world in this field, which comply with all national and international standards, are used


Since transformer oil is an expensive material, before changing the old oil, regaining this old oil should be taken into consideration first. For this reason, transformer oil should be treated (substances like water, sediments, etc. has to be removed).

In this process, transformer oil is heated in a special machine (oil separation machine) and dried by spraying under vacuum. During this process, transformer oil is passed through filters and clarified from the sediments included.

By modern mobile maintenance service of Elkima Transformer, maintenance process can be performed without removing the transformers from the operation site and bringing them to the factory

The services we can provide with our mobile service vehicle:

Transformer Tests

  • Winding Turning Ratio
  • Primary Winding Resistance
  • Secondary Winding Resistance
  • Insulation Tests
  • Oil Dielectric Test
  • Circuit Breaker Insulation On-Off Test
  • Current and Voltage Transformer Insulation Test
  • Energy Transfer Line Insulation Test
  • Grounding Test

Our Other Services

  • On-site Oil Exchange
  • On-site Oil Seperation
  • Gasket-Bushing Exchange
  • Buchholz Relay, Dial Type Thermometer with Double Contacts, Low Voltage-Medium Voltage Control
  • Protection Equipment Functions Controls and Exchange
  • Physical Contact Controls
  • Hermetic Settings